The staff of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TGSRTC) helped a pregnant woman deliver a baby girl safely in an RTC bus at Bahadurpura on Friday.

The woman, Swetha Ratnam, boarded the 1Z number bus, belonging to Musheerabad depot at Aramghar. On reaching Bahadurpura, she developed labour pains. It was then, the bus conductor, R Saroja, alerted the driver and halted the bus.

With the help of other female passengers on board the bus, Saroja helped Swetha in safely delivering a baby girl in the bus. Later, she was shifted to the nearby Government Maternity Hospital for better treatment. Currently, the mother and child are healthy.

TGSRTC MD VC Sajjanar, congratulated the female passengers and conductor Saroja who helped in the safe delivery. Doctors said that the mother and child are safe because of timely response.