With the police and animal rights activists keeping a tight vigil on transport and slaughter of camel in the city, the sale of camel meat is a part of Hyderabad history now.Traditionally, camel meat was sold at beef shops in the city in the month of Ramzan. The practice continued for decades in the Muslim-dominated Old City of Hyderabad. The camel meat was sold at Dabeerpura, Yakutpura, Barkas, Tallabkatta, Misrigunj, Tolichowki, Golconda, First Lancer, Tappachabutra, and Hakeempet mainly in Ramzan month.

A kilogram of the camel meat was sold for Rs 250 to Rs 300 a kg at the shops. Many people queued up at shops to buy the meat known for its good taste. Restaurants sold camel meat biryani and haleem during Ramzan.