With Telangana’s power distribution companies reeling under Rs 81,516 crore debt and accumulated losses of Rs 62,461 crore, as per Congress whitepaper, providing the promised free electricity will be one of the most challenging tasks for the state government.

Telangana Congress’ guarantee to provide 24-hour free electricity to Telangana’s farmers and 200 units of free power monthly to all households in the state through Gruha Jyothi is estimated to cost the state exchequer Rs 27,055 crore per year.

The dues were discussed in Telangana Assembly on Thursday, where Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy pointed out that Siddipet, Gajwel and Hyderabad South are in the top three positions in the non-payment of electricity dues in the state. “Siddipet has 61.37 per cent dues followed by Gajwel 50.29 per cent dues and Hyderabad South was in third position with 43 per cent dues,” he said.