Amidst the ongoing Karthika Masam festivities, Hyderabad is experiencing a noteworthy downturn in chicken prices, marking a substantial decline after weeks of relentless surges. The downturn in prices is marked by chicken, sea food and meat sales witnessing a considerable decline.

Considered highly auspicious, Karthika Masam has the devout engaged in prayers and offerings throughout the month. This period emphasises the worship of plants and trees, as well as the practice of non-violence, with many adherents choosing to consume only vegetarian food as part of their month-long prayers.

Previously soaring close to Rs 300 per kg, chicken prices have now plummeted by half, settling at Rs 151 for skin-on and Rs 172 for skinless. The current rates reflect the lowest observed prices in the past several months. Various factors, including the ongoing election campaigning, propelled chicken prices upwards.