Comedian Bharti Singh, known for her humour, recently shared her thoughts on the significance of Ramzan in one of her vlogs on her YouTube channel, Life Of Limbachiyaa’s (LOL). During her time on the sets of Dance Deewane 4, she talked about the magic of the holy month and fasting.

In her vlog, Bharti expressed admiration for the strength and energy that God provides to people during Ramzan, enabling them to work even during the fast. She mentioned, “Kya baat hai yar! Bade ache din hote hai. Ismien to upar wala khud taat deta hai apko kam karne ki (What a thing, man! Those are really good days. In this, even the Almighty himself gives you the encouragement to work).”

Acknowledging the dedication of those in the film industry who fast during Ramadan, Bharti commented, “Aur bahut saare log hote hai jo film industry mien jo roz, jaise roze aate hai, roj roze rakhte hai. Par ye upar wale ki wahi karam hai ke jo rakhte hai wo taqat bhi wahi deta hai (And there are so many people in the film industry who fast as soon as Ramadan begins. But it’s truly the grace of the Almighty that those who fast are also given the strength to do so).”