A total of Rs. 46.61 lakh was seized on Saturday as a part of the regular checks being conducted by the authorities under the election code. While Rs. 2.03 lakh were seized by the Flying Squads, the remaining Rs. 44.57 lakh was captured by the police officials.

Apart from that, valuable items worth Rs. 6.23 lakh were also seized by the authorities. A total of 21 complaints were registered regarding transporting cash and other goods, of which, 14 translated into FIRs.

District Election Officer and GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose in a press statement said that 369.72 liters of illegal liquor was caught and 10 cases were registered.

Since the election notification was issued, Rs. 2.20 crore cash and other items worth Rs 29.85 lakh were seized. A total of 41 cases have been registered and 43 others were arrested as 684.17 liters of illegal liquor was seized.