A five-year-old girl died as a pen pierced into her head and a surgery performed to remove the pen allegedly led to an infection.

It was said that when the child Riyanshika was playing in the house with a pen in her hand she accidentally fell down from a cot and the pen caused a perforation in the temporal region close to her left ear.

She was immediately rushed to Government Area Hospital at Bhadrachalam as she was bleeding profusely. She was later shifted to a private hospital in Khammam where a neurosurgeon performed surgery and removed the pen on Tuesday. However, following the surgery, an infection developed in the brain and she succumbed to the infection on Wednesday.

Her father Manikanta, who works as a mechanic at Bhadrachalam, was in tears as he could not save his daughter though he spent over Rs 2 lakh. The residents in the neighbourhood gathered at the child’s house to console Manikanta and his wife Swaroopa, who were in deep shock at the loss of their child.